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Strong Workforce Champions


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CEO teams with colleges to empower girls to pursue STEAM careers

Cari Lyn Vinci of InVINCIble Enterprises, LLC worked with deputy sector navigators to adopt a PLAYBOOK for Teens STE@M™ Mentoring Program to encourage girls to pursue STE@M careers.

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Energy company contributes to renewable energy programs

JLM Energy Inc. is an energy technology company that develops and deploys innovative renewable energy technologies and products that provide choice and control for ratepayers to save on energy.

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Ted and Stacy Milner provide valuable insight to entertainment-industry jobs

Executive Temps is a temporary employment agency dedicated to helping graduates find entry-level positions.

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Nature center provides students with internships, experience

Turtle Bay Exploration Park partners with local colleges to give teenagers the opportunity to explore careers in horticulture, entrepreneurship and animal husbandry.

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Manufacturer dedicates time, resources and knowledge to education

Bill Gains founded Transfer Flow, which manufactures custom fuel-delivery systems. He fervently promotes industry and academic collaborations that help get students into well-paying jobs.