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Strong Workforce Stars

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Evergreen Valley College
Advanced Manufacturing

CTE Star Increase in earnings

Evergreen Valley College (EVC) earned Strong Workforce Stars recognition in the Advanced Manufacturing sector for its Advanced Manufacturing program. Students who participate in this program boost their earnings by 80%.  

The Advanced Manufacturing program is so successful because Evergreen Valley College collaborates closely with NextFlex, one of the national advanced manufacturing innovation institutes headquartered in San Jose, to deliver this program to area students. Through this program, students gain the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in emerging high-tech labor markets.     

Over the next five to 10 years, the demand for skilled people who can design, install, operate, maintain, and synchronize the interconnected robotics and machines than learn and make innovative products will exponentially increase. This new economy demands a workforce adept in a cross-section of mechanical, electrical, software, and industrial automation skill sets.

EVC coursework incorporates and builds on these foundational areas and prepares students with the necessary skills to enter the advanced manufacturing digital factories of the future.
One of the innovative components of this program is the FlexFactor project-based learning initiative. FlexFactor is a dual enrollment program that gets high school students hooked into the pioneering and inspiring world of advanced manufacturing by (1) requiring them to define a healthcare-related problem, and then (2) engaging them in the design of a human health or performance monitoring product to solve that problem by incorporating flexible hybrid electronics.

The program culminates with the students pitching their product ideas and associated business models in a "shark tank" to industry representatives.   

The college also is working to articulate its courses with transfer pathways at San Jose State University, to ensure that students can continue to advance in advanced manufacturing and related careers.

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