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Strong Workforce Stars

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Evergreen Valley College
Automotive Technology

CTE Star Increase in earnings

Evergreen Valley College (EVC) earned Strong Workforce Stars recognition in the Advanced Transportation & Renewables sector for its Automotive Technology program; students who participate in this program boost their earnings by 79%.

The Automotive Technology program is so successful because Evergreen Valley College works closely with automotive companies such as Honda, Chrysler and Tesla, as well as a network of Bay Area dealerships, to align its curriculum with industry needs. Students work on cars provided by the companies; practice their skills through internships with dealers; and earn high-value, third-party credentials.

Notably, when faculty noted that many students were dropping out before they finished the programs to take entry-level jobs, the college negotiated with employers to promise higher wages if the students completed a college certificate.

EVC is now working to improve high school students’ mastery of English and math by creating courses that teach these basic skills in the context of automotive jobs, while also giving students a head start on a college certificate.

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