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Strong Workforce Stars

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Evergreen Valley College

CTE Star Increase in earnings

Evergreen Valley College earned Strong Workforce Stars recognition in the Small Business sector for its Accounting program. Students who participate in this program boost their earnings by 69%.

Evergreen Valley College (EVC), which serves a predominantly Vietnamese and Latino population with a high proportion of recent immigrants, developed several related pathways that aid students in ascending a career ladder in accounting. Some students get started in accounting through a certificate of achievement that supports them in gaining the necessary skills to help support family-owned or other small businesses.

The college actively encourages students to return to pursue an accounting associate degree that qualifies them for junior positions in larger companies. The goal of the majority of the students in the program, however, is to transfer to a four-year university program in accounting. Many of those students pursue the Associate Degree for Transfer (AD-T) that grants them junior standing at any California State University.

The college currently offers a tax-preparer course and is developing an enrolled-agent certificate, both of which would enable students to move into tax-related accounting jobs, thus providing more options for economic mobility.

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