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Strong Workforce Champions

Thank you for your interest in the Strong Workforce Champions program. Building a Strong Workforce is the result of intense collaboration among a vast array of partners outside the community college system, including industry, workforce development agencies and more. This program celebrates partners' hard work and dedication to that mission. Click on the links below for more information.

Strong Workforce Champions Toolkit — Learn how the program works.

Browse the Strong Workforce Champions Employer & Industry Hall of Fame — Read about Strong Workforce Champions and their contributions that are building a Strong Workforce.

Tell Us About Your Strong Workforce Champion(s) — Submit information about one or more employer and/or industry professionals who are not only partners, but hard-working champions of the mission to build a Strong Workforce in California. This information will be transferred to the Strong Workforce Champions Employer & Industry Hall of Fame.

Order Awards and Certificates — Recognize your Strong Workforce Champion(s) with high quality awards and certificates. All costs are the responsibility of the party recognizing the Strong Workforce Champion(s).

Press Release Template — Use this template to prepare a press release for distribution to local media.

Press Release Example — Refer to this example for completing a press release about your Strong Workforce Champion(s).

For questions, contact Maggie Bonecutter, Technical Assistance Provider, Communications, Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy, California Community Colleges.